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The Black Lady's Bio
As it says in the title this is Lady's bio :3 okay let's start
Name: The Black Lady(might change this...)
Age: unknown
Speices(?): Demon/Ghost thing( people in a new version of her story don't know what to call her)
Height: 6'2 ft
Weight: 143 pounds
Abilities: Quick and a little rusty on the agile great strength
Can almost be undetected in darkness
Weapons: Close combat
Specialties: Choking, stomping the shit out you, and a brutal beating :D sounds lovely
Last thing you hear/feel/see: she gives you a kiss of death before she does a specialty :3
Only living victim(s): Mike Methane
Victim(s): A girl, five cops
Targets: Anyone, but not kids mostly little boys with brown hair or green eyes
Weakness(es): Kids, sunlight(just can't go out), vehicles(mostly buses), busy streets or roads
Likes: Kittens, Mike, nice people,flowers, peace and quiet, mice, flower crowns, and butterflies
Dislikes: Sunlight, buses, sun, people like the girl victim, annoying people, loud people, loud noises
There ya g
:iconxxtheblackladyxx:xXTheBlackLadyXx 1 2
BITW page 3 by xXTheBlackLadyXx BITW page 3 :iconxxtheblackladyxx:xXTheBlackLadyXx 3 4 BITW page 2 by xXTheBlackLadyXx BITW page 2 :iconxxtheblackladyxx:xXTheBlackLadyXx 2 0 BITW page 1 by xXTheBlackLadyXx BITW page 1 :iconxxtheblackladyxx:xXTheBlackLadyXx 5 10 Beauty in the Water by xXTheBlackLadyXx Beauty in the Water :iconxxtheblackladyxx:xXTheBlackLadyXx 5 23 AT by xXTheBlackLadyXx AT :iconxxtheblackladyxx:xXTheBlackLadyXx 3 16 EriKar Gift by xXTheBlackLadyXx EriKar Gift :iconxxtheblackladyxx:xXTheBlackLadyXx 2 19 For KieyRevange by xXTheBlackLadyXx For KieyRevange :iconxxtheblackladyxx:xXTheBlackLadyXx 6 12
The Birth of Scarlet Hood
God damn it, there it is again. That fucking banging on the window. It's been happening for months now and it hasn't stopped ones. I don't bother going to check because I know that it'll stop and nothing will be there, and when I go back to bed it'll start up again until the crack of dawn. I don't know how my mom and 12 year old sister couldn't hear it it's loud as fuck, but suddenly it stopped. I was so relived and started to go to sleep when I heard this crashing noise from the kitchen. I knew my mother heard it too cause she came into my room telling me 'To stay there and not move'. She then made her way to the kitchen and not five seconds after, did I hear her screech of terror fill the house and a loud slicing noise right after. I quickly dashed to my sister's room after grabbing the nearest blunt object to use just in case, It turned out to be my old bat. I quietly opened the door to my sister's and she appeared to be missing. From the empty room, pa
:iconxxtheblackladyxx:xXTheBlackLadyXx 0 0


Danceplz. by AlmightyShadowchan Danceplz. :iconalmightyshadowchan:AlmightyShadowchan 840 245 Glad You're Home by Satosanteru Glad You're Home :iconsatosanteru:Satosanteru 398 55 A comic of pronouns and hugs by kosmonauttihai A comic of pronouns and hugs :iconkosmonauttihai:kosmonauttihai 82 46 Frankenstein's Cat by GrumpyBuneary Frankenstein's Cat :icongrumpybuneary:GrumpyBuneary 154 21 photo sticker by BBrangka photo sticker :iconbbrangka:BBrangka 26 2
Pride Flags Colors explained!
I'll try to list as many pride colors as I can think of.
Gay Pride (Rainbow - Gay, Gay Men, Lesbians, and sometimes the entire Queer community.  The rainbow represents acceptance of all sexual orientations.)
Labrys Lesbian Pride (Purple with Labrys in inverted black triangle [different versions exist] - Lesbians, women, and feminism, and gynephilic people who identify as female. Labrys became a symbol of lesbians and feminists due to the popularity of a female empowerment publication called Labrys Magazine.  In addition, the black triangle is a symbol of lesbians due to the fact that many lesbians were forced to wear it in concentration camps during the Holocaust under the idea that they were "asocial" and did not conform to heteronormativity).
Bisexual Pride (Pink, Purple, and Blue - Bisexuals and sometimes all multisexual/non-monosexual/multiple gender attracted people.)
:iconsavvyred:SavvyRed 428 364
KisaIta - Slippery Fingers by YAMsgarden KisaIta - Slippery Fingers :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 775 148
Mature content
Durarara x male reader part 6 :iconninjaknife2-0:Ninjaknife2-0 7 1
Mature content
Durarara x male reader part 5 :iconninjaknife2-0:Ninjaknife2-0 6 4
Mature content
Durarara x Male reader part 4 :iconninjaknife2-0:Ninjaknife2-0 6 7
Mature content
Durarara x male reader part 3 :iconninjaknife2-0:Ninjaknife2-0 5 4
Durarara x Male reader part 2
It has been about a week since I have started working and Russian Sushi and it been okay. I got enough money to by a phone that's it. Me and Vorona get along fine but she barley acknowledges my presence. Something about not being a worthy opponent or something like that. I just stick to Simon and work as much as I can. It was uneventful day. Or so I thought.
Kyohei POV
Me, Erika, and Walker decided to get some sushi while Saburo was getting repaired after an "adventure". We made it there after lunch so it was pretty empty. When we walked in there where only three people there; Simon, the chef, and a young looking girl with long (h/c) hair pulled back in a ponytail and bandage covering her left eye and had a cast on her right arm and was dressed like Simon. (your hair is long so you pull it so what). We sat down in are usually a and waited for Simon to take our order. "So let me guess your usual?" He asked with his thick Russian accent. "Yep! And Simon who is that girl eating at the bar
:iconninjaknife2-0:Ninjaknife2-0 10 4
Mature content
Durarara x male reader part 1 :iconninjaknife2-0:Ninjaknife2-0 7 2
Mature content
Durarara!! x Male reader intro :iconninjaknife2-0:Ninjaknife2-0 10 0
Stop Staring - GaaNeji
“How many times are we going to have to talk about this, Neji?!”
Neji Hyuga stood stiffly with his back turned to the brunette annoyance behind him, ignoring her as best as he could. His pale eyes were plastered to the dirt, which he tapped impatiently with his foot. Seriously, when was she going to shut up?!
“Seriously Neji! Am I going to have to explain it to you again?”
Neji sighed and cursed under his breath. “TenTen, it’s not like I didn’t hear you the last five hundred times you’ve explained it.”
Obviously Neji didn’t need another speech about how she needed to protect his blind spot; it was HIS blind spot.
“Well, obviously, it didn’t get through to you those times!” TenTen huffed, twirling a kunai between her fingers.
“Ugh, can’t we talk about this later?”
“NO!” she exclaimed, throwing the kunai forcefully at the nearest tree. The kunai imbedded itself in the bark with a loud thud and shudd
:iconchidori-sama:Chidori-sama 15 17
Naruto: Sasukex(M/F)Reader 11, Tip
"Hurry up!  We're going to miss it!"
I ran faster through the trees to catch up with the rest of the team.  Everyone wasn't too far ahead of me, but boy was I out of breath.  Even Gyunyu wasn't slowing down for me.  Every once in a while he'd check back to make sure I was at least not dying, then continue on like he ran miles every day.  Sasuke was in front of me, and Isamu sensei in front of him, running in silence through the shadows.  The other two members of Team 2 were jumping in the trees using their chakra.  I didn't feel too confident about doing that just yet...  Imagine if you miss the branch?  That's like a twenty foot drop!  No way am I doing that.
I panted and slid to a stop behind the thick trunk of a tree when Isamu sensei did, calming my thumping heart.  We were just inside the perimeter of the forest, looking out onto a small field with train tracks dividing it.  We were told to go take care of a group of blac
:iconbloggerofstupid:bloggerofstupid 22 1


  • Listening to: Happy Songs
  • Reading: Happy DirkJake stories
  • Watching: Happyness
  • Playing: Something happy
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Sollux's Genetic Material
Yeah I'm gonna do a thing that ANYONE can ask to be in and choose what line they want their fantroll to be in and I'll draw that page up and upload it here so yeah just ask and if it's open it's yours ^-^ and please link me to your trolls plz :3

Edit: And show me the type font your troll uses, please!!

Edit: someone else will have to edit them XD I'm not gonna be near a computer for a while and remember guys make sure to send me your fantroll, with their type font and tell me what line you want them with or you won't be able to have one :c

As sly as a fox: :icongoldentimeshickens:

As strong as an ox:

As fast as a hare:

As brave as a bear:

As free as a bird:

As neat as a word:

As quiet as a mouse:

As big as a house:

All I wanna be, oh:

All I wanna be, oh:

All I wanna be is everything:

As mean as a wolf:

As sharp as a tooth:

As deep as a bite:

As dark as the night: :iconangeliccrossroads:

As sweet as a song:

As right as a wrong:

As long as a road:

As ugly as a toad:

As pretty as a picture, hanging from a fixture:

Strong as a family:
Strong as I wanna be:

Bright as day: (god tier)

As light as play:

As hard as nails:

As grand as a whale:

All I wanna be:

Is everything:

Everything at Once:

Everything at Once, oh:

Everything at Once:

As warm as the sun:

As silly as fun:

As cool as a tree:

As scary as the sea:

As hot as fire:
Cold as ice:

Sweet as sugar:
And everything nice:

As old as time: (god tier)

As straight as a line:

As royal as a queen: (fuchsia)

As buzzed as a bee:

As stealth as a tiger:

Smooth as a glider:

Pure as a melody:
Pure as I wanna be:

All I wanna be, oh:

All I wanna be, oh:

Is everything:

Everything at Once: :iconxxtheblackladyxx:


Video Maker(if you guys want a video ;3):


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